Books and Edited Volumes

Mottier, Véronique. The Rise and Fall of French Social Theory. Harvard: Harvard University Press (under contract).

Duschinsky, Robbie & Véronique Mottier (Eds) The DSM-5 as Political Battleground: Gender Identities, Sexual Norms, and Female Desire. Special Issue of Psychology & Sexuality, volume 7, issue 1, 67 pages (2016).

Mottier, Véronique & Robbie Duschinsky (Eds) DSM-5: Classifying Sex. Special Issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44, 89 pages (2015).

Mottier, Véronique. Sexuality. New York: Sterling Publisher (expanded, American edition), 179 pages (2010).

Mottier, Véronique. Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 151 pages (2008).

Mottier, Véronique. Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press (audiobook version with Suzanne Toren) (2010).

Mottier, Véronique. Sexualidade. Uma breve introduçao. Translated into Portuguese by Isabel Veríssimo. Alfragide: Texto Editores. (2010).

Mottier, Véronique. מיגיות מבוא קצר מאור (fully revised and updated edition of Sexuality). Translated into Hebrew by Adara Chatumi. Jerusalem: The Bialik Institute (2014).

Mottier, Véronique. Sexualitӓt. Eine sehr kurze Einführung. Translated into German by Jürgen Neubauer. Bern, Verlag Hans Huber (2015).

Mottier, Véronique. 性存在一个很简短的介绍. Translated into Chinese. Nanjing: Yilin Press (2015).

Mottier, Véronique. Dẫn Luận Về Tính Dục. Translated into Vietnamese by Thái AnHanoi: NXB Hồng Đức (2016).

Gerodetti, Natalia and Véronique Mottier (Eds.) Feminist Politics of Reproduction. Special Issue of Feminist Theory, Vol.10/2, 97 pages (2009).

Mottier, Véronique and Laura von Mandach (Eds.) Pflege, Stigmatisierung und Eugenik: Integration und Ausschluss in Medizin, Psychiatrie und Sozialhilfe. Zürich: Seismo, 168 pages (2007).

Hasdeu, Iulia, Mottier, Véronique, Parini, Lorena, Roux, Patricia, Spano, Maria Rosaria (Eds.) Postcommunisme: Genre et États en transition, Special Issue of Nouvelles Questions Féministes, Vol.23, No.2, 168 pages (2004).

Carver, Terrell & Véronique Mottier (Eds.) Politics of Sexuality: Identity, Gender, Citizenship. London: Routledge, 200 pages (paperback 2006; eBook version 2007; Hardback 1998).

Ballmer-Cao, Thanh-Huyen, Mottier, Véronique & Lea Sgier (Eds.) Genre et politique: débats et perspectives. Paris: Gallimard, 542 pages (2000).

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