Current positions

Fellow and Director of Studies, Jesus College, Cambridge (since 1999)

Professor in Sociology, Laboratoire THEMA, Université de Lausanne (since 2006)

Other professional positions    

Other positions include: Director of the Laboratoire de Sociologie at the University of Lausanne, a research unit of 6 professors and 29 research staff (2012-2013); co-Convenor of the ECPR (European) Standing Group on Political Theory (1998-2008); member of the national Swiss Expert Committee on Social Exclusion PNR51 (2001-2009); Chair of the Directors of Studies Committee at the PPSIS (now HSPS) Faculty, Cambridge (2007-2011); co-Director of the joint PhD School in Gender Studies of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (2004-2005); Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies (Michaelmas 2005); Member of the Organising Committee of the French-Swiss PhD School in Gender Studies (2011-2017); Member of the National Board of the Swiss Sociological Association, 2000-2004; Member of the international Expert Panel ‘Social Sciences and Public Health’ for the SNF project ‘Quality of Qualitative Research in the Health Sciences: Which Evaluation Criteria?’ (P.I. Marie Santiago, Lausanne) (2012-2013); Member of the Comité international d’experts, Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur, France (2013).

Editorial activities

Associate Editor of Feminist Theory (2000-2009); member of the Editorial Team of the Swiss Journal of Sociology (1999-2003); member of the Advisory Board, Tijdschrift voor Gender Studies (Dutch Journal of Gender Studies) since 2008; and member of the Comité de lecture, Nouvelles Questions Féministes, founded by Simone de Beauvoir, since 2006.

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