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‘A Day in The Life Of Véronique Mottier, Fellow’, Jesus College Newsletter, May-June 2017.

Speaker in a public debate on sexual rights and asylum claims in Europe preceding the screening of the movie ‘Call Me Kuchu’ organised by Amnesty International, Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge, 27 March 2017.

Authored the article ‘The Iron Cage of Reason’ for special issue on The Limits of Reason, IAI News, Issue 54, 2 March 2017:

Speaker in the panel debate on rationality and anti-rationalism, ‘The Reality of Feeling’ at the philosophy and literary festival ‘HowTheLightGetsIn’, at Hay-on-Wye, 29 May 2015.

Speaker in public Panel debate on ‘The Gender Gap in Philosophy,’ OUP Oxford Philosophy Festival, 7 November 2015.

Speaker in the panel debate on Deleuze, ‘Stories of Desire’ & delivered 3 Academy lectures on ‘Sexuality’ in the academic program at the philosophy and literary festival ‘HowTheLightGetsIn’, at Hay-on-Wye, 24-25 May 2014.
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Featured speaker in a television documentary by the award-winning Dutch filmmaker Sunny Bergman titled ‘Sletvrees?’ produced by VPRO/Viewpoint Productions and broadcast on Dutch television on 14 November 2013.

Interviewed in an article titled ‘Reino Unido diz ‘sim’ à uniao gay’, Correio Braziliense (6 Feb. 2013)

Featured in art project on academics’ childhood dreams of their futures by Harry Carr, 12 Nov. 2012:

Interviewed in an article titled ‘L’eugénisme: l’autre histoire de l’identité Suisse’ for the French-Swiss magazine Uniscope no.563 (29 May 2011)

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival, Christ Church College, Oxford: soapbox event on my book Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction in the Festivals of April 2009 and 2011.

Featured speaker in a debate on the future of feminism broadcast live on French-Swiss radio ‘La banane’ (5 April 2011).

Global Television Network CURRENT TV founded by Al Gore: featured speaker in episodes 1 and 14 of a television documentary on changes in sexuality since the 1990s titled ‘This is gonna sound a bit gay..’; broadcast July 2009 (channel 183 on SKY, channel 155 on Virgin).

Featured speaker in a Dutch television documentary by Ingeborg Beugel titled ‘Geloof, seks en wanhoop’ produced by IKON and broadcast on Dutch television on 22 December 2008.

Oxford University Press Blog on Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction, 21 August 2008.

Interviewed in an article titled ‘La révolution sexuelle s’est faite. Mais pas tout à fait comme prévu!’, published in a special edition on ‘May 1968: the contested heritage’ in the Swiss daily newspaper 24 heures, 26-27 April 2008.

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