Keynotes & Plenaries

‘Thinking at the Edge: Sexuality, Transgression, and Limit-Experiences’, Keynote Address, Joint Annual Conference of the Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy, University of Dundee (2-5 September 2015).

‘Gender Power and the State: Poststructuralism and Beyond’, Keynote Address, 6e Congrès International des recherches féministes francophones & Swiss PhD Summer School in Gender Studies, University of Lausanne (27 August 2012).

‘Gender, Sexuality and the State: Beyond Foucault’, delivered to Foucault and the Family Conference, King’s College, Cambridge (12 Nov. 2010).

‘De la libération sexuelle à la sexualisation de la société’, Keynote Address, 30th Anniversary Conference of the Swiss Society of Family Planning, Lausanne (10 Nov. 2009).

‘Genre et sexualité’, Keynote Address, Journée de formation ‘genre et violence’, Renens (18 Sept. 2008).

‘Eugenicist policy-making and the formation of identity: a Foucauldian discourse analysis’, Keynote Address, International Conference ‘Interpretation in policy analysis: research and practice’, University of Amsterdam (31 May-2 June 2007).

‘L’invention de la sexualité’, Keynote Address, International Gender Conference of the Institute of International and Development Studies ‘Transactions autour des corps et stratégies amoureuses contemporaines’, Geneva (11 Oct. 2007).

‘Sexing the Nation: Sexuality and National Identity in the Context of Swiss Eugenics (1890s-1960s)’, Keynote Address, National Congres of the Swiss Society of Ethnology, University of Lausanne (30 Nov.-2 Dec. 2006).

‘Les politiques de la sexualité: l’Etat et le corps des femmes’, Cours public, University of Geneva (23 May 2006).

‘Metaphors of exclusion: women’s bodies and the Swiss struggle against ‘difference’’, Keynote Address, National Congres of the Swiss Sociological Association, St. Gallen (5-7 Oct. 2005).

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